Ann Turner

A Day At The Fair Part 3

22 May, 2015
Ann Turner
Todd Alexander and the Simon and Schuster team
Photographer: Ann Turner

And here’s who took me to the fair – the wonderful team at Simon&Schuster Australia. From left to right, Nicki, Vicky, Dan, Elissa and Anabel were truly incredible, placing The Lost Swimmer into booksellers’ hands and making the whole experience fun and easy for me. I’m so lucky to have them! It’s one thing to write a novel, but having experts at the top of their game taking it out into the world is a real privilege.


There were two authors at the S&S stand: myself and Todd Alexander (Todd’s in the blue and red check shirt). Todd’s a really generous author and he helped me through the day. His new novel Tom Houghton is coming out in October. I have an ARC and I started reading it last night. It’s outstanding and I can’t wait to get back to it. There’s nothing like a good book to read as the weather starts to chill. Tonight you’ll find me sitting in front of a roaring log fire with Tom.